Key objectives of the conference would focus on options for removing barriers to inclusion and then exploring winning strategies for accelerating outcomes. Participants would draw insights from prominent global speakers, thought and industry leaders, policymakers, operators, innovators, and start-ups disrupting the market. Through the insightful plenaries, panels, and breakout sessions on themes such as policy coordination, fintech-enabled inclusion, women and other excluded segments, etc, speakers and participants would engage and explore pathways for converting opportunities to progress and appropriating value from ideas.


Why Attend

The IFIC2023, scheduled for Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 6, 2023, promises to feature a line-up of new speakers and an agenda carefully packaged with panel discussions, keynote presentations, fireside chats, in-summit roundtables, and more. This year’s speakers include Dr. Chea Serey, Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia; Dr. Alfred Hannig, Executive Director, Alliance for Financial Inclusion; and Dr. Reza Baqir, former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.

The agenda also features exciting activities on the sidelines, such as exhibitions of innovative and ground-breaking solutions, diverse use cases for scaling innovative digital transformation in the financial space, side events for start-ups, tech companies, financial/payment services providers, and a wide array of stakeholders in the financial inclusion space. At IFIC 2023, champions of financial inclusion who have consistently pushed the frontiers and blazed the trail with impactful contributions in onboarding the financially excluded will be acknowledged. Overall, the conference promises to be immersive, with an eclectic mix of offerings to enrich participants’ experience, both virtual and in-person.

How to Attend

We are sticking with our hybrid arrangement (in-person and virtual), enabling thousands of participants to join and be part of the journey towards getting the millions of unbanked and underbanked citizens into the financial inclusion basket.

Come and join over 5,000 others for a rewarding networking experience with the likes of influential global thought leaders, CEOs, CMOs, Heads of Government agencies, Financial Inclusion partners, and citizens of countries across different continents.

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